Porta Potty Baño Portátil Porta Potty 365

Porta Potty Baño Portátil Porta Potty 365

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Product Description


  • Modern appearance
  • Ergonomic Carrying Handle
  • Standard Lid Latch
  • Durable, easy to use and easy to clean.


  • Exclusive, rotating Pour-Out Spout
  • Piston pump flush
  • Removable seat and cover for easy cleaning
  • Sealed valve keeps odors in holding tank
  • Easy-to-read Level Indicator tells when it’s time to empty
  • 3-year warranty
  • Deodorant sample included

Caution: Do not use stiff brushes or homemade products to clean or lubricate the valve and seal of your portable toilet, as these will damage the seals and surfaces, causing odors to escape from holding tanks. Thetford recommends using Aqua-Clean and toilet seal lubricants.


Product Details
SKU & Model
SKU Model #
92820 365
Toilet Dimensions
Height Width Depth
16.3″ 15″ 16.8″
Carton Weight (lb) Carton Volume (cf)
11.02 2.53
Fresh Water Waste Water Average Flushes
4.0 gal 5.5 gal 56
Product Features
Flush Type Level Indicator
Piston Yes



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